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Are Getting Married, sort of

24th June, 2023

It's happening!

It is only a few days away now and we can't wait to see you all. Some of you super keen ones are already asking questions so we've put together a bit more info on this website. If the answer isn't here then please do call or get in touch.

We are providing food, beer, wine, cocktails and soft drinks throughout the day but if there's something you particularly like or need then please feel free to bring it.



Everyone arrives at the church on the hill, details below


Service starts


Wedding reception at Corner Farm, details below

Drinks and food


Ceilidh band starts, prepare to grab a partner and dance

Drinks and food


Outdoor Cinema movie showing

Film tbc by Merryn and Josie - requests welcome


Disco starts with DJ Paulie C and the Fetish Sound System


if you're still here then we know it's a good night!

Sunday Breakfast

You are all very welcome to come and have breakfast with us, Tom will be cooking and hopefully he'll have been to bed for at least an hour or 2. There is also talk of a game of rounders so dress to win.

All Saints Church

Holme on Spalding Moore, YO43 1EE

What3Words :    ///

Google maps :

Please arrive by 1:45 for the service to start at 2pm, unless Rachel chooses to be late!


We would love it if everyone joined us in the church on the hill but parking is pretty limited so please car share where possible and leave enough time to park on a verge and walk in.

Screenshot 2023-06-12 at 15.34.37.png

Corner Farm

Arglam Lane, YO43 4HG

What3Words ///clown.villa.excellent

Google maps:

From 3pm

Camping on site and the campsite opens from Thursday.

This part of the party is on a grass field. There is shelter in the form of a marquee and seating ( some posh , some bales ) but I won't be wearing my newest Jimmy Choo's as they could get dirty.

At the moment the forecast is difficult to interpret but if it's going to rain then it could get muddy so keep an eye on it and use your noggin when you pack. Changes of outfits are celebrated.

Screenshot 2023-06-12 at 16.12.18.png
Getting There


The whole day will be family friendly with activities for everyone. In the evening there will be a kids cinema tent which will convert to a chill out zone for adults near to the tents so they can watch over their little ones whilst also chatting to their friends. 


So please do bring them if you have them and you want to, but we also understand and appreciate the joys and delights of an adults only weekend away so the choice is yours!


getting here


We know lots of you will have to travel from afar and so we thought we'd kick off with the formal ceremony bit at 2 and then have the party start around 3. We hope this will allow for some travel time that day.

We have some car parking here and we are encouraging people to come and camp so if you have campers etc then please do bring them. 

There is a train station at Howden that has good London and Manchester links. We can arrange a pick up for you if you let us know what time you'll be arriving.


Accommodation is thin in this area so we've asked a glamping company to come and put up bell tents with made-up beds, lights etc so you can slide into this at the end of the night. We hope this will also reduce the need for babysitters etc if you can bring the sprogs. The whole day will be family friendly so please do consider it but we also understand the joys and delights of a weekend away without them, the choice is yours!


 The cost for a 4 berth is £185 so if you'd like to book one then let us know in the RSVP form and we'll allocate one to you. This will have to be on a first come first served basis but if you let us know now then there's more chance for us to order more.

Other Accommodation

There is some accommodation in the area but we have booked a lot of it for our more elderly family.

If you don't want to camp then feel free to find alternatives but be aware that there are two taxi's in the area (their names are Gordon and Sarah) and they will be fairly booked up, taking people that live round here home.

Please, please, please don't think you can find accommodation a few weeks beforehand as there is unlikely to be any and we really want you to come and enjoy the weekend with us.

d7393904-2a17-4a73-bac8-2ec781ee2a24 (1)_edited.jpg


Please don't get us any gifts and focus on getting yourselves to the party. We are providing booze but if you don't like beer or Pimms then please feel free to bring a bottle or two of what you like.

If you really would like to get us a gift then we are trying to buy some garden furniture and so a donation towards that would be very welcome, thank you.

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